2011 has been generally nice to me. There were many harsh, difficult moments, but the year has been amazing in developing myself as a photographer, filmmaker, thinker and person. It makes me scared thinking how my luck might just run out in the new year.

As you can probably tell, I have been taking less wedding photographs after I capped my wedding count at 12 per year. With this, I am trying to further improve the quality of my wedding work with a focus on getting to know my couples as people rather than clients.

That being said, the change allowed me to dive even deeper into personal work both in the photography and film medium. This has been one of my most productive year, with 6 short films made and a similar number on personal photography projects.

I wanted to take this time and space to thank my lovely couples who have always trusted me and been so supportive of my work. Thank you for giving me the best job in the world, and giving me the total artistic freedom to tell your story. Without you, I am nothing.

To my mentors who’ve come and gone, particularly Kay Chin, Eldon, Brian Keith Bergen-Aurand and Wei Liang, thank you for always helping me sharpen my vision and pushing me even further to produce better work. My time with both of you has refined my aesthetic and way of thought. The 20s will never be the same again.

To the angels who are always ready to lend me a helping hand especially during my filming endeavors, thank you for giving me your time, sweat and blood. I can only hope the films I made did you justice.

To my Grandpa, who is now in somewhere beautiful, all of this is for you.

brandon lee - Beautiful ivan, beautiful.

Ivan - thanks bro 🙂 it was great seeing you again.

wl - thank you too, ivan.

to good health and happiness. may you achieve everything that you wish for this new year.

Ivan - (Y)

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