I work with a small group of couples who share a similar passion for life and all its beautiful subtleties. I am interested in capturing a genuine connection between two people, poetically.

Much of what I do is driven by a search for honest  and heartfelt imagery. Over the years, I’ve learnt that I come closer to that when I focus on the couple and their love.

Nothing more, nothing less.

I combine digital and film photography as an answer to my modern and classic sensibilities. Every element of my work – photography, albums, aesthetic and words – is consistent with how I feel wedding photography should be: simple, honest and just a little more timeless.

More than a photographer, I work hard at being your good friend, your listening confidant, your keen craftsman.


e: hello@ivantanphotography.com

Sky Robinson - I just love you!

Ivan - aw 🙂

Jasper - Hi, sorry, I’m dying to know what is the implicature of your recent video ‘It’s Thursday, 10th November and I thought of you’

Ivan - hi jasper. there are no hidden meanings behind the film. it says what it wants to say 🙂

Ler - I’m officially a fan haha. Nice descriptions and content on every post, although the pictures itself alr speak volumes. Very inspiring! (:

ivan - thanks ler. come back often!

YQ - Hi Ivan,

I was browsing through your photos and i must say its really brings out the intimate moments between the couples. I would like to find out how much do you charge for actual day photography and videography? It would be great if you have a couple of packages to offer as well as any other promotions that you have. I am currently looking for an actual day photographer/videographer. It would be great if you could have videographers which you work with as well 🙂

btw my actual day is the 28th of dec this year. my contact is 98225063
hope to hear from you soon


joseph - Hi Ivan,

I was browsing through your photos and they are perfect!

Could I know more about the packages you offer for both actual day photography and videography for June 2014.


Jeanette - Hiz Ivan,

A friend of mine recommended you when I told her i was looking for a AD photographer. I have to say I am really impressed by what i saw, could u kindly advise me on your actual day photography packages.

Thank you.

Jane - Hi Ivan,

Like to enquire your availability and package for AD photography & videography on 13 Dec 13. Hope to hear from you soon.


evelyn - Hi Ivan,

Could I enquire about your rates for a solemnisation for this year, 10 December.



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