april & zhichao // portraits

What can I say?

I couldn’t stop smiling while I was editing this set of photographs. There were moments when I tried to figure out what April and Zhichao were doing back while we were shooting, because the moments were so real, so magical.

I met April out of the blue on a weekday afternoon. She had seen my work on a magazine and wanted me to be her engagement photographer even before we met in person.

This is a couple that never fails to surprise me.

They did then, and they still do now. They studied law, but hold none of the airs you’d expect from lawyers (or a lawyer since April is now helping out with her father’s business). They’d come charging down to our appointments after their tennis sessions still perspiring and panting although they showered and changed out. Or Zhichao would be eating 2 times that of April and mine combined during brunches. Or they’ll start talking about how the guys at law school during April’s all failed to meet her mighty standards, and so she ended up dating her junior in school.

I think the photographs are testament to who these people really are. I don’t think I’ve shot anyone more real than these two. Thank you for giving me the chance to witness the magic that is the two of you.

Roshni - I scrolled down this page once, and then went back up and started over again. This set is beautiful, and i’m beaming away at my laptop screen.


ivan - thank you so much roshi :)) so glad it makes you happy!

notabilia - I love this! The tennis photographs are so inspired. You do great work, Ivan.

ivan - thanks for the kind words again :))

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