bedtime stories

The problem with Chinese families is that they don’t say enough. We talk a lot, but we don’t say enough to each other. Love shines through gestures.

Photography is one such gesture, and the Chinese-ness of my upbringing has made it more important than ever. It is my way of saying; this is how I feel, this is what I care about, I love you.

Bedtime Stories is one of the most important gestures I have made. It commemorates the first year of my grandfather’s passing, and has also been one year in the making. Progress was slow because unearthing these memories only made me realize how much I never quite recovered from it.

While constantly revisiting these photographs over the course of a year, I etched out the accompanying text one bit at a time, mostly unable to complete anything substantial because my eyes would always well up with tears.

I still miss my grandfather.

View the complete set here.

Zak - Ivan

This is the most compelling set of photographs I have seen in a very long time — from Singapore and by a Singaporean. It touched me deeply.

Photography is an act of commemoration. These moments you have documented will live long in your memory. Even the photographs you didnt take.

Take care and I hope you are coping better with your loss.

Ivan - Thanks Zak for taking the time to write something to me.

I’m doing much better now, as long as I don’t think too much about it.

Hope to see you soon, and good luck for the Gurkha portraiture project.

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