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concrete jungle

What was it like being in one of the world’s most cosmopolitan, bustling and eclectic cities in the world? I wasn’t as excited as many of my other peers who had been to the Big Apple. I’ve heard so much about it but yet it doesn’t move me the tiniest bit. Maybe it’s cause I […]

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These are photographs taken during my roadtrip in the US. We travelled across Nebraska, Utah, South Dakota and Wyoming – the last of which was my favourite state. Naturally, I spent the most of my time there. I am not a big fan of huge cities, so places like New York, DC, San Francisco, while […]

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small town america

    This set of portraits took me slightly shy of half a year to complete in America. It is both a simple and quiet set of portraits. I am drawn to architecture, and my growing up in old school Malaysia and Singapore had me very fascinated with buildings both old and new. Just as […]

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