corrie & family // portraits

When I feel down these days, I just need to look at this set of photographs and I smile.

I was asked by Corrie to shoot a set of portraits of her family as part of her parents’ 30th anniversary. It was a great honour, and I’m so glad we went for it despite the threatening weather.

Now Corrie and I spent a long time talking about all her family members, but as you can see, they are a lot more than words can probably describe. I wasn’t ready for such a warm family. I wasn’t ready for them to be so willing to open their hearts to me. I wasn’t ready for everyone to be having so much fun. There was no way anyone could have prepared adequately for this shoot, because there was just so much honesty in it.

I’ve always wanted to shoot older couples. The older the better. Perhaps because I see in them the greatest love I have ever been showered upon. My grandparents’ love.

It is a quiet, subtle thing. You can’t always see it. But you can always feel it.

Corrie - Thanks so much for this, Ivan! My family is immensely touched. You should have seen my parents’ beaming faces. Here’s to an amazing new year ahead.

wl - J and I tend to call old/wrinkly couples we see in the streets “everlasting love”. it’s true, what you said about being quiet and subtle. much more precious than youngsters in the heat.

ivan - hello weeling! happy new yr to you and jordi. thanks for the sweet comment 🙂 hope everything is going well!

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