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Cameras are getting sharper while our souls are getting blunt.

As photography becomes increasingly digitized, I feel the increasing need to put the tangible back into photography. Something you can feel, something you can hold on to.

Ever since I picked up darkroom printing 4 years ago, my life has never been quite the same. Mostly, I learnt that a photograph is never complete until it is printed.

Books have been a huge part of my journey as a photographer. I used to spend entire days in the national library entranced with photobooks by Bresson, Erwitt and Moriyama as they moved me deeply and brought me to places I have never been.

I’ve been offering these fine art books for some time. These handmade offerings are printed on fine art cotton rag paper with archival ink.

Not only do these books feel great in your hands, they are meant to last a long, long time. So that your children may see it. Or your children’s children.

People might age, our bodies deteriorate, but memories will always remain the same.

The physical photograph is testament to that.

sarah - <3

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Sarah Chan - Lovely!

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