forrest & eartha

About a week later…

Back in 2009 when I was still fairly new to weddings, Derrick and Evelyn entrusted me with their big day. I’ll always remember the groom who arrived for gatecrashing in a white t-shirt and a black jacket – a very telling first sign of a kick ass wedding. True enough, their wedding remains in my memory, one of my all time favourites in my 5 years of shooting.

Casual, intimate and great emotions all rolled into one.

I fondly recall touching down the night before from my backpacking trip in Europe right in time for their wedding the next morning. I was initially worried that Derrick and Evelyn might lose faith in me, but that never happened. They only made me feel more welcomed and comfortable. Evelyn even emailed me a few times back when I was in Europe to ask me to take good care of myself. I didn’t tell her that I lost all my money shortly after.

Derrick and I share a similar penchant for great music from back in those days. Beatles, Lennon, The Doors, Suede, Blur, Sting, Ronan Keating (lol!!!) were just some of our starting points for deeper conversations revolving around relationships, life and now, having kids. Given a different place and time, Derrick and I are both convinced that we would make pretty decent hippies that fit right in the 70s.

Derrick is a huge music buff and used to sing at Harry’s. I actually passed them their wedding photographs in Harry’s @ Holland Village. How cool is that. The next time I went back to look for Derrick, I ended up singing Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ on an impromptu open-mic with Derrick. Those were really some good days.

I knew from the get go that I was going to work with film for Forrest. I shot some film for Evelyn and Derrick’s wedding, so their son wasn’t going to be the exception.┬áThe shoot almost never happened due to bad weather but Derrick and I decided at the last minute we had to do it there and then as Evelyn was due with their second child, Eartha, the following week. We were really cutting it so close, but given the time sensitivity that this happened, I’m so, so glad we did it.

Looking back, I feel that Derrick and Evelyn really kick-started my passion for developing great relationships with couples. I think long lasting relationships with one couple beats an entire year of weddings. It brings me so much joy to be able to speak to couples as if they were my friends and go beyond weddings. There is no price tag to this sense of gratification.

Derrick Lau - Dear Ivan, thank you for remembering moments we shared so vividly. It is my good fortune to know someone as beautiful as you. Let’s go for a beer soon lehhhhhh…..

ivan - most welcome derrick! yes, lets meet up soon to yum seng. joo chiat here just open a new beer garden. good place, good prices!

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