kenneth & zee // married in emily hill

Kenneth & Zee’s wedding was one of my most anticipated weddings. It was my last wedding of 2012 and certainly one of the most beautiful. But it doesn’t just stop there. Just look at Zee’s insane range of emotions. Without even trying, she has like over 20 different ways of expressing the word – ‘joy’.

I know people are going to remember this as the wedding with sparklers, fairy lights and fist bumps, but I want to urge you to go further than that. For a start, try figuring out what the speeches say 🙂

With this Emily Hill wedding, I am again reminded of how fortunate I am to have so many couples entrust me with such unique, amazing locations. Thank you so, so much. All of you guys really make it seem like we’re shooting outside Singapore. And thank you for opening my eyes to a whole new world through weddings – for allowing me to share your heartfelt joy, excitement and deepest secrets.


Over dinner, I was having a long conversation with Jon Keng on the issue of ‘style’ in photography. In case you don’t know, Jon is the biggest reason why I even started doing wedding photography in the first place. For a year, I followed him shooting weddings almost every other weekend. A year later, Jon told me that he was leaving for London to study cinematography. As he helped me curate all my images, I realized unwittingly that I had a portfolio.

I never wanted to be a wedding photographer. It was never in my plans nor my calling from the get go. I really wished I could tell you how I found a camera in my grandpa’s closet at the age of 3 and fell in love with photography but the truth is, I didn’t. Photography happens to me and I don’t know why.

Couples of late have been telling me that my photographic style is light-fused, minimalist, Japanese. While that is true to some extent, I always try not to commit myself to any particular style. Style should not be for style’s sake. For me, style should always be subordinated to the story. As an active filmmaker and lifelong lover of literature, I am a strong proponent of how story is still always king. Images without a story mean nothing to me. Images without emotion or provoke any emotion rank even further below.

Which is why I never ever stop at making merely beautiful photographs. I cannot do that. It is just not enough for me.

So if you ask me what my style is, I’d say my style is to create images that need no words, no explanations. I want you to feel something every time you see my photographs. And the greater the range of the emotions you feel, the better job I think I’ve done.

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