Jon Keng – My mentor and the sole person why I’m doing weddings today.

Jonathan Ong – My closest confidante based in Melbourne, who does amazing wedding photography.

Livejournal – My old blog which I literally grew up with. It always reminds me that I came from humble, almost unknown roots. I like showing people this blog because it charts my growth and style as a photographer really well.

Desarmer – A quiet but passionate law undergraduate working her way into the photography world.

Floral Magic – We have always known each other back in our JC days. Today, Jo assists her mother Lucy at Floral Magic, a small independent florist who does the most amazing arrangements.

Cleo Chang – My favourite local makeup artist.

Mark Cheng – My very talented hair stylist friend.

Tiffany - I just saw this. <3 we're so busy now it's sad

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