nelson & dawn // married in the arts house

Solemnization at the old parliament.

Setting up handmade chiffon decos.

Nelson and Dawn met in Melbourne while they were studying and came home with a love story. Nelson majored in film back in his university days but has since started out his own apparel business in Marina Square.

Those who know me well know that I am like Nelson; I switched my major from photojournalism to film a year back and never quite looked back. Though NTU is nothing like a film school, I pretty much fell in love with the guerilla spirit of independent filmmaking. Many times, I have found myself asking where my heart truly belongs. I have yet to find an answer.

I went for a photojournalism showcase last night and there was a sudden revelation; that maybe I don’t have to choose at all. As much as I eschew labels, I’m beginning to come to terms with the fact that I am a storyteller in all sense of the word. While I do have my own personal expressions, I find more joys expressing those without a voice, those hidden stories we wittingly or unwittingly ignore or forget. Distinctions such as ‘film’ or ‘photography’ should not bother me at all.

I was speaking to a couple about why I continue doing wedding photography in Singapore, the way I do it. My answer was instant and instinctive – Because I want to show that beautiful photographs can be made in Singapore.

chenyze - I love the bride’s expressions. She’s got “I love my life. It’s waaaay kick-ass!” written all over her face.

The vintage filter seems really appropriate for this couple! (=

Ivan - dawn’s a lovely bride. very spunky, with her own ideas about how her wedding should be. always nice to have brides like that!

yen - hey, enjoyed this post a lot! 🙂 its nice to see people having fun, especially on their wedding day.
and am absolutely inspired by what you wrote in the last paragraph – you are definitely succeeding! 🙂

dawn - Hey Ivan,

I just chanced upon this! Thanks so much for all the hard work you put in during that day – Nel and I love the pics very much.

I forget, but are you currently still based in London? I recall you going there for work right?

Warmest Blessings!!
N + D

Ivan - hey dawn its great to hear from you again! and on my blog haha!

i was in the states for half a year but now i’m back! don’t think i’m going anywhere else anytime soon. how have you guys been?

Sky Robinson - You are well on your way to that goal. These Singapore photographs can be described as nothing less than beautiful.

Lyn Averson - Lovely photos, especially the ones of the couple on the steps.

This is too adorable.

E! - haha I love your tagline :> great photos !!

Jasmine - Hi, can I get a quite from you for actual wedding day photo shoot service? My date is tentatively 13 or 21 sept 2014. Thks

Hum Wei-Lin - I’m writing to enquire if you would be keen and available to shoot our wedding on 1-Jul-17 (1.30pm onwards) in Singapore? And if yes, what are your rates?

We’ve heard SUCH great & positive reviews about you from friends, and one look at your breathtaking feed of beautiful wedding stories had us sold.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Cheers and Best,

Our Love Story:
Our cross-border love (I’m Malaysian, he’s Singaporean) began down under in the beautiful city of Melbourne. Although we’re polar opposites, it was mutual attraction at first sight, and a whirlwind romance ensued shortly after. Midnight strolls around the lake and shooting stars wrote our first chapter together as a couple, and a moon-lit dance marked one year of bliss in Melbourne. Distance hit hard soon after, but Skype calls and that aching longing settled into a familiar routine. Two years later we reunited in Singapore when a job opportunity arose, and in April we took a leap forward to seal our relationship for all the days of our lives, and the rest is history.

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