joanne & joseph // married in nosh

I’m sure you’ll agree this wedding was an explosion of senses.

By the end of the day, I had laughed, cried, and laughed again – two times over. So much honesty, so much warm emotions and kinship surrounded this wedding.

Thank you for having me a part of one of the best wedding teams in Singapore.

Also featured on The Wedding Scoop.

Hair & Makeup by: Cleo Chang
Florals by: Floral Magic
Decor by: In Merry Motion
Jewellery: Saught
Dinner Venue: Nosh

john, ruiying and their cat // portraits

This shoot blew my mind. I think it’ll blow yours too.

I just finished shooting John and Ruiying’s wedding last weekend. I kept this for a while because I wanted absolute peace and attention doing up this entry. Finding myself in front of Macdonald’s at the Hong Kong Airport while waiting for my next flight to Busan gave me just that.

When I first met John & Ruiying, I didn’t think that we could achieve so much together. No, really. Wait till you see their wedding.

I think good couples are more than just the ones who you work well with. Good couples are those whom you learn so much from. John and Ruiying are almost images of myself – or at least how I would want to grow up as a person – and I’m so thankful to them for letting me into their lives, sharing furniture ideas amidst doing up my studio and just plain hanging out together. Good times.

Waking up this morning, I heard Elvis’ Always On My Mind playing in my head. Yesterday, I found some old black and white photographs my grandfather took. Looking at these images, I realize that my photographs look the way they do because my couples and I do half the work together.

The other half is credited to my grandfather who is watching me from above.

And I dedicate every piece of work I make to his memory.