desmond & gloria // married in changi beach club

People ask me if I ever tear during weddings.

I do.

And here’s one where I did.

Gloria was talking about her mother and those who took care of her. It was a simple, quiet speech. Lasting no more than a few minutes. And then unexpectedly, my tears fell.

I remember the first time I teared during a wedding. It was at a church, with a cello playing Canon in D solo. Nothing else was happening. And then the bride walked in.

See, it doesn’t happen when overly dramatic things happen. No, it doesn’t work that way.

It’s always the things you least expect that make you cry.

sylvia & houfu // portraits

Sylvia and Houfu is one of the quietest couples I have met, but they are also one of the most tender. There is a quiet, gentle love that flows between the two of them and I was fortunate enough to be able to be there for them.

Most couples have food, cafes, or idling as one of their favourite past times. Sylvia’s and Houfu’s was taking walks, and their first few dates revolved a route down town which ended up in Bras Basah. That was how we ended up shooting in Basheer Bookshop.

Before the shoot, Sylvia told me she was really shy and afraid of being in front of the camera.

Right after the shoot, Sylvia texted me to say that she really missed being in front of the camera. That really made my day.

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