joshua & jocelyn // married in chijmes

Joshua and Jocelyn’s wedding was so, so refreshing to shoot. As you probably figured by now, I’m not much of a “come on guys lets say yahoo rara jump around” kinda photographer. Yet, there was no stopping the youthful energy that was bursting out from this wedding. I think almost every crazy idea you see from the photographs came from the amazing couple and their kickass bridal party.

It reminded me again that I am nothing without the trust, faith and confidence that couples put into my craft.

I shot this wedding last year but only had time to upload it now. Chinese New Year is usually a quiet time for me.

Earlier this week, I was queueing up for Bar Kwa (Chinese barbequed meat for the uninitiated) for my grandmother. In Singapore, there are 2 big names in the Bar Kwa market– namely Bee Cheng Hiang and Lim Chee Guan. The former has 28 stores over the island and 20 over more spread across 6 countries. They use most frozen meat sources and have started freeze packing their products to facilitate overseas exports. The latter has 3 stores in the entire island, use fresh meat and do not export overseas.

Every Chinese New Year, the queues at Lim Chee Guan are insane. Last year, I waited 4 hours. This year, I waited 3 hours. Comparatively, you can probably get a pack of Bee Cheng Hiang brand Bar Kwa under 30 minutes.

Somewhere along my 3 hour queue while reading the Lim Chee Guan pledge of quality,  I figured that the Lim brand and I stood for the same values. I had always wanted to be like them – synonymous with quality, patience and organic growth.

I am a slow worker, mostly because I edit every image individually. My colors are important to me because I believe in bringing out the essence of a particular place and time. Most fellow photographers and friends tell me I’m crazy, that most couples can’t tell the difference, but it doesn’t matter to me. Part of the reason is that I can’t get over handing over half-assed work, but most of it comes from the satisfaction from those who can tell the difference.

To this end, I will remain slow, remain crazy. Because to me it’s something worth fighting for.

eadwine - “I am a slow worker, mostly because I edit every image individually”

ivan - hahaha. thanks eadwine :))

eadwine - people have been telling me its foolish/waste of time to edit every single image for the last 8 years but i still do it.

ivan - 8 years. i’m not there yet lol. but i can tell you put in a lot for your images 🙂

ivan - i think every couple that i can’t shoot for, i refer them to you hahah.

eadwine - hahaha, set!

soontat - Dear Sir / Madam,

Kindly advise your rates for actual day photography (both 8 and 10 hours, wedding lunch, Grand Hyatt, 3 December 2016).

Thank you!

Best regards,

Soon Tat & Joanne

Johnathon Teo - We are currently looking for a photographer for our actual day wedding (25 Feb 2017) to capture our morning tea ceremony, ROM in the evening, wedding banquet at night.

Would appreciate if you can provide the quotes for this service. Thank you.

xueling & clarence // portraits

Xue Ling and Clarence are a very special couple to me. They are the first couple I fought hard to shoot for.

When the three of us first met earlier last year, I fell in love with Xue Ling and Clarence – mostly because they were so spontaneous and carried their hearts on their sleeves. There is no way any one can forget the utmost freedom and carefree quality of Xue Ling’s laughter.  I felt that they shared something special. And I wanted to be the one to bring it out and express it in my imagery.

For me, everyone deserves a good wedding photographer but not everyone can afford one. Xue Ling was torn between a gown she really loved and my photography – To choose both would go over her budget.

I enjoy working with genuine people beyond anything in this world. To see a couple who love my work so much walk away is just a pity to me. After many, many phonecalls, we finally managed to find a common ground. These pictures are what it was all about.

Jesica - Hi Ivan
I’m getting married on 15feb2014
Could you kindly send me yr package prices


Best regards