noel & chun // sneak peek

Many people ask me why couples always look so happy in my photographs.

Frankly, I don’t know why myself. But surely, it’s more than the nature of weddings itself.

As I was in the car with Noel & Chun during our shoot yesterday, it suddenly struck me that I am less concerned with what the photograph is, than what the photograph will be.

Because I hope that you will be able to look at your photographs in 20, 30 years and say to yourself –

That was one of the happiest moments of my life.

george & julia // married in chijmes

For years I sought to keep my wedding imagery simple and honest. When George and Julia found me, I knew I had done the right thing.

I’ve shot many weddings with 53A playing, but this one was extra special. You see, Julia is the elder sister of Sara Wee, the kickass vocalist/guitarist who fronts one of the most happening bands in Singapore. I feel so honoured to have worked with some of the best vendors in town for this wedding – makeup by Cleo, gowns by Jos & Rachel. I was so excited for this wedding I arrived an hour before my scheduled time.

Julia always came across to me as cool as an ice queen. There was even a graph on their card that charted the probabilities of the groom and the bride crying (Julia’s was way below 20%). But as you probably tell, the exact opposite happened.

Together with George, they are one of the most understated and tasteful couples I’ve had the good opportunity to shoot. Also, this was a wedding where I had totally forgotten that I had taken most of these pictures until I started editing them. You see, there was magic at every instant and there was no time to think. And these photographs are just testament to that.

This wedding was also featured at The Wedding Scoop.

Wedding gown/dress: Jos & Rachel
Hair & makeup: Cleo Chang