rita + jason // portraits


Rita & Jason are two people who complement each other in very interesting ways. I’ve never seen two people more Ying & Yang, more fitting than them. They have a distinct visual sense, know what they love in photographs, and are so comfortable in front of the camera.

See those umbrellas in the photographs? They weren’t props. It was actually raining on the day of the shoot, and Rita & Jason were so game they encouraged me to go on.  You couldn’t have asked for anything more. It is however, most unfortunate that I couldn’t be there for their wedding day.

A huge part of my work focuses on featuring Singapore in a light you’ve never quite seen before. I love making mundane, ordinary looking things beautiful. I think a huge problem with today’s photography is its obsession with glossy, perfect pictures – which in itself is a fallacy. Why is there a need to bring big strobes and flashes to a shoot in the alley? Why do we need to go to museums, throw in lots of artificial light to create those artificial photographs? When you add in all these artifices, not only does the place disappear. The couple does too.

What we need to capture is the true essence of people, love, places and things.

On the side note, the past 2 weeks have been a whirlwind and I went through some of the most difficult moments of my life. Nonetheless, life goes on, and I have just completed shooting a short film about my grandmother. I loved how it all turned out, minimal directions, improvised dialogue; it doesn’t try to be what it isn’t – it is what it is. Here’s a sneak peek at the film:

notabilia - These are STUNNING. Thanks for sharing.

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