xueling & clarence // portraits

Xue Ling and Clarence are a very special couple to me. They are the first couple I fought hard to shoot for.

When the three of us first met earlier last year, I fell in love with Xue Ling and Clarence – mostly because they were so spontaneous and carried their hearts on their sleeves. There is no way any one can forget the utmost freedom and carefree quality of Xue Ling’s laughter.  I felt that they shared something special. And I wanted to be the one to bring it out and express it in my imagery.

For me, everyone deserves a good wedding photographer but not everyone can afford one. Xue Ling was torn between a gown she really loved and my photography – To choose both would go over her budget.

I enjoy working with genuine people beyond anything in this world. To see a couple who love my work so much walk away is just a pity to me. After many, many phonecalls, we finally managed to find a common ground. These pictures are what it was all about.

Jesica - Hi Ivan
I’m getting married on 15feb2014
Could you kindly send me yr package prices


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